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Director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy, Image Guided Cancer Specialist, Williams Cancer Institute

Dr. Williams is one of the pioneers of ablation and immunotherapy and is considered one of the top cancer specialists. He performed the first ablation procedure to combine intra-tumoral injection of immunotherapy agents. He has performed thousands of ablation procedures. In the last few years he has been advancing the use of ablation combined with immunotherapy. He has performed many “first in human” procedures in multiple areas of ablation therapy. He is actively involved in research combining numerous different immunotherapy agents with ablation for almost all cancer types.


Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Internship: Internal Medicine, University of South Alabama

Residency: Radiology, University of South Alabama

Certifications/Additional Training: Board Certified by American Board of Radiology, Interventional Oncology, Interventional Spine, Nuclear Medicine, MQSA (Breast Imaging), ACLS, PALS


Combined use of image guided ablation with immune checkpoint inhibitors, Ipilimumab and Nivolumab (anti CTLA-4 and PD-1).

Intra-tumoral Toll-like receptor agonist (TLR) imiquimod and CpG combined with Cryoablation and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Intra-tumoral PV-10 combined with cryoablation and AblationVax.

Implantable IDO inhibitor pellet (Indoximod) combined with Cryoablation and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Intra-arterial 3-bromopyruvate combined with intra-arterial immune checkpoint inhibitors Ipilimumab and Nivolumab.

Intra-arterial hepatic infusion of immunotherapy, Nivolumab and Ipilimumab.
Cryoablation of cancer combined with intra-tumoral injection of Montanide.

Cancer specialists


Director, Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute

Dr. Rosenberg is an innovator in unique cancer therapies. He is the pioneer of “acid efflux inhibition” for the treatment of cancer and considered one of the best cancer specialists in the field. He has done extensive research and development of nanoparticle delivery for cancer therapy. His research interests are in personalized targeted cancer therapies and unique combinations of “metronomic” chemotherapy to enhance the systemic immune response. You are in great hands with Williams Cancer Institute


Graduate School: Master of Science in Physiology Georgetown University Graduate School Washington, DC

Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine Washington, DC

Internship: Transitional Internship Fitzsimons Army Medical Center Aurora, CO

Residency: Emergency Medicine Residency Brooke Army Medical Center Dept. of Emergency Medicine San Antonio, TX

Certifications/Additional Training: Board Certified American Board of Emergency Medicine, Fellow of American College of Emergency, Board Certified by American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, ALS, PALS