Using temperature to awaken immune response to fight brain cancer

This certainly may apply to many cancers, as unfortunately, most are immunologically "cold," which is why the current FDA approved immunotherapies fail in the majority of cases. There are numerous techniques to turn "cold" tumors to "hot." Among these are injection into a tumor TLR agonist, STING agonist, CD40 agonist, and Oncopore peptides, to name [...]

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Antibiotic use before cancer treatment cuts survival time – study

We have discussed this before. It is becoming standard in our patients to not only evaluate the microbiome with Microbiome Dx, but also patients with recent antibiotic use prior to immunotherapy probably will need a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). Taking antibiotics in the month before starting immunotherapy dramatically reduces a cancer patient’s chances of survival, [...]

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