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No. For example, Cryoablation is more immune stimulating than other techniques. And the way ablation is used can affect your immune response. As much immune stimulation as possible is important with ablation treatment. This is accomplished directly with ablation and with medications given before, during, and after the ablation procedure.

Your first step is to contact one of our offices. We’re prepared to answer all of your cancer related questions. Copies of your most recent medical and imaging records will be necessary as well. We provide a no-cost review. One important reminder: do not send original documents as we are unable to return them.

Yes. We only perform treatments using medications approved in the United States by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). Also, be aware that most of our treatments use FDA approved drugs yet the manner and types of cancers treated may be considered “off-label” from the FDA. For us to offer you the full option of treatment, you might have a better opportunity for treatment in a trusted facility outside of the USA.

Yes. Certain patients might not be good candidates for ablation. Also, some patients prefer IV immunotherapy although it may not be offered for their type of cancer. Systemic immunotherapy can be used as well.

Contact us to be fully informed about our cancer treatment solutions.

To determine if you are a candidate for one of our cancer treatment procedures, please contact 251-943-9409. We will need to see copies of the most recent medical records and imaging studies. We provide a review of these records at no cost; however, please do not send original documents as they will not be returned.

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